Impact beyond the notes

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Mindful Music in the Movement:

Mindful Music supports equity, love, health and justice. I strive to equip students with tools of empathy, action and understanding through music and embody these qualities in myself. I am an ally and constantly seek ways to learn, listen and contribute in impactful ways to creating a world we can be proud of. Mindful Music supports Black Lives Matter.

Impact beyond the notes. 

We live in a time where distraction, disengagement and straight up disrespect runs rampant. This concerns me.

I want people to be able to think for themselves, to notice, to express who they are and understand others.

I learned these skills through music and they reach far beyond.

Music is empathy in real time.

I offer my art, my language of music, the learning of an instrument, to teach these skills. In service to the greater good, to support a collective rise, to give back into a world that has given so much to me.

Through autonomy, awareness and expression, I use music to equip the next generation to step into themselves and their unique potential. 

Their voices matter. The world needs what they create, because they’re the only ones that can create it. 

Let them make their mark.

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