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Adrienne has helped my son and I grow as musicians and as people.  We learned scales and pieces that we enjoy, but we also learned how to persevere when faced with difficult pieces or emotions, how to break things down into manageable chunks so that we could feel incremental success, how to accept frustration and use it to fuel progress, and how to set a positive and open mindset with progress, not perfection, as our goal.  As a teacher myself, I am so thankful my son has had another adult in his life who models positivity, perseverance, and self-awareness.  Adrienne has been a blessing to our family and our future because of the lessons we've learned and practiced with her!

-Lindsey, Chicago, IL 

I have come to think of weekly piano lessons as weekly life coaching. Thanks to Adrienne my children have learned and used tools that will help them through their lives, tools that help them with self-sufficiency and resilience. They are so proud when they can learn new and challenging things on their own. Adrienne’s holistic approach has provided our daughters skills and confidence that will far outlive their lessons!  

-Amy, Chicago, IL 

Adrienne has been our son’s music teacher for over 4 years. While he only works with her once a week, she has truly become a part of our family.  She has been an incredible and dedicated professional, acting beyond her role as piano instructor to help improve with voice coaching, being a voice of reason, and a compassionate friend to our son.  She just “gets” him.  Adrienne has an innate sense of when he needs a push or when he needs a praise in order to get where they are trying to go.  She is from the breed of best teachers, setting a high bar for her students and through mutual respect they aim high and together accomplish their goals.

-Jen, Chicago, IL 

"I greatly enjoyed my time as a student with Adrienne.  She brought a wonderful, positive energy to each of our lessons and enabled me to pursue the instruction that was most interesting to me.  She was flexible and creative in the pursuit of my musical goals.  I'd highly recommend her to others seeking instruction."

-Mike, Chicago, IL 

Adrienne has been our piano teacher teacher since summer 2019 and I can’t say enough positive things! Creative, custom instruction. She’s patient, but persistent. I would have never expected my kiddo on the Autism spectrum would be able to read and play music in less than a year.

-Kellie, South Haven, MI 

"Adrienne is, hands down, the best piano/music teacher our family has worked with. She has an innate ability to connect with her students and  meet them at their current needs. She is patient and flexible while keeping her students focused on their goals and the learning process. Adrienne understands that every child learns in their own unique way and she works with each student to find what works best for them. Our kids have flourished with her as their teacher!" 

-Nicole, Chicago, IL 

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