The Law of Resonance

Uncategorized May 06, 2021

I’ve been learning about the laws of the universe my whole life.


Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the law of cause and effect.


Einstein’s theory of gravity challenged Newton’s, stating that gravity isn’t a force, but rather a curvature of time and space caused by mass and energy. Either way you slice it, gravity holds.


I remain grounded here on Earth each day and so do you.


There are scientific and spiritual renditions of each of these laws. I experience them each and every day as I consciously create my life and live my unique Divine Design.


At the end of the day, each law is based in one profound truth:


Everything is energy and everything is connected.


There is one law of the universe that gets a lot of hype. It’s the Law of Attraction.


The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. It was largely made popular by the movie “The Secret” and is based mostly on thoughts manifesting realities in people’s lives. The idea is that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and results. Similarly, negative thoughts attract negative experience and results.


What I’m here to say is, I don’t believe the hype on this one.


I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction.


I believe in the Law of Resonance.


Why? The Law of Attraction is incomplete.


Thoughts and wants are the scratch of the surface of creation rather than embodying a way and ecosystem of living.


Perhaps it’s the musician in me that knows when I play a note on my horn and the snare drum buzzes, I am in tune with it. We sync up.


When I play in tune with another musician, it cuts through at a faster louder volume because it’s vibrating harmoniously together. The sound shoots to the back of the hall.


It’s a feeling. It’s a frequency. It amplifies.


It’s a resonance.


So today I invite all of you dreaming “attractors” out there into a new perspective.


Rather than the illusion of compartmentalizing life, I know it’s all connected. I know we’re all connected.


I invite you to be a dreaming “resonator” instead.


The Law of Resonance is one I live my life by. It’s a law I share with my students at the piano. It’s a law I offer and guide with my coaching clients. And it’s a fundamental bedrock of how I give by way of the practices of yoga.


What would it be like if you didn’t need to attract things into your life and instead, a life you love simply resonated?



The problem with the Law of Attraction


Before we dive into the Law of Resonance, it matters to notice what is missing and in my opinion, the harmful blocks, with the Law of Attraction.


The idea of “want” separates you from your desires.


One of the fundamental blocks in the Law of Attraction is that it is based on wants. This keeps people in a perpetual state of “wanting” rather than “being” or “embodying”. It perpetuates a craving and encourages people to ruminate their thoughts on something they don’t have yet.


There are several problems with this.


First, to want something that means I don’t yet have it. So, if I’m concentrating my thoughts on something I don’t have, I remain in the state of not having it. It’s built on lack and focuses energy on the current lack.


Not only does this not feel good, it’s not sustainable. Thoughts can attract things into people’s lives for sure, but will they stick around? Often times not.


If the roots are in lack, it likely won’t stick. And, it may not arrive at all let alone stay because the state of wanting and wishing separate people from their desires.


Also, just because someone wants something doesn’t mean they can create it or manifest it. Someone can want to play at Carnegie Hall and think about it all of the time, but be in dissonance because they do not practice their instrument. It doesn’t work.


The other problem with the Law of Attraction is that it appears to work.


I experience this similarly to each time a doctor gives someone a prescription to treat a symptom rather than going to the holistic root and source in their health. It seems to work in the short term, but long term, it’s simply a Band-Aid.


With the Law of Attraction, thoughts can attract things into people’s lives. I experience this every day. However, it’s one small part of the equation. It doesn’t encompass all that humans have to offer, hold and live with in terms of creating the results, experiences, feelings or things in their lives.


Using thoughts based in wishing and wanting is a temporary Band-Aid in the mindfulness, coaching and any leadership space.


The Law of Attraction is the perpetual antibiotic hamster wheel in the world of Laws.



Enter, The Law of Resonance


So what exactly does the Law of Resonance offer that the Law of Attraction does not?


It’s complete, it’s holistic, it sustains long terms and it calls forth people into a shift of identity rather than a temporary thought.


This powerful law is based not in “I want”, “I hope” or “I wish”.


It’s based in “I am”.


I first heard of the Law of Resonance after it was something I was already embodying through the mindfulness, soul and artistic work I had done in my life. It resonated so deeply with me when I heard this definition from Michael Bernard Beckwith:


“The universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you who you are.”


This definition is what I’ve experienced in my life and what I see the people I lead experience as well. It calls us all forward to become what we seek. Then, it will automatically be because it resonates with us.


This is a powerful revelation in both pleasant and painful ways.


If I have an expansive and loving relationship in my life, I know that it is resonating with me on a soul level. The universe has given me who I am. It is a reflection of my inner world - the combination of my thoughts, actions and state of being.


At the same time, if I have a toxic and chaotic relationship in my life, I know that this too is resonating with me on a soul level. The universe has given me who I am. It’s the same reflection of my inner world - on some level, even if I don’t want to admit it, this type of relationship is resonating with me. In some way, it is still an energetic match for who I am.


The reason that the Law of Resonance works so holistically is because it requires radical responsibility. It calls me into full ownership of the person I am being and becoming. Instead of passive wishing through repetitive thought, its active and embodied.


Once I become it, my identity is shifted and my life will start reflecting the new identity back to me. I don’t need to choose thoughts over and over because it’s simply who I am now.


It’s simply me and my life simply resonates with who I be.



How to wield the Law of Resonance


Whether you are a musician creating a performance at your true potential, someone starting a business, showing up to your yoga mat, a kid at the piano or sitting at the blank canvas of your life deciding what the dream is comprised of, you can embody and wield the Law of Resonance in your life to create and be anything.


Knowledge is power.

Sometimes just the awareness can be a big catalyst for empowerment and shifts.


Know that everything is your life is the result of previous thoughts, actions and ways of being. It’s your full identity and not just compartmentalized thoughts.


Know that your outer world reflects your inner world.


Know that the universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you who you are.


Know that the only way to wield this law is based in your ability to take sacred responsibility for your life and be willing to shift your identity.



Making decisions is exhausting. Embodying values is nourishing.


This one idea could very well up-level every single part of your life if you let it.

Decision fatigue is real and it’s a chronic part of people’s lives that blocks their greatness. It’s exhausting to make decisions all day every day.


Instead, choose your values and embody them. You make one decision that cuts out all the rest.


For example, one of my values is health. So each day I am not deciding what foods I will eat or if I will exercise. I’ve already decided. I just show up to my life and embody my values. I automatically go to the gym and I automatically drink water, eat vegetables and say no to certain foods.


It’s nourishing. And, it taps me into the Law of Resonance. I am healthy so my life reflects my health.


Ask questions to create evidence for your new identity


This takes my Art of Collecting Evidence to a deeper level in order to shift my identity. I attribute this idea to Vishen Lakhiani and learned about it in his book, “The Buddha and the Badass”.


Let’s say you desire a deeper relationship with your sister. To wield the Law of Resonance and embody “I am” you can ask yourself a question to provide the identity shift.


The question is, “Why do I have amazing relationship with my sister?”


The answers could be, “I connect with her via FaceTime once a week.”, “I prioritize visits with her every quarter.”, “I am fully present when we speak”, “I am a safe space and amazing listener when she needs support”, and anything else. This is sneaky way to use mindfulness and awareness to set the ball rolling toward your new identity.


Speak your identity and resonance in the present moment.


Part of an identity shift is deciding that you are that person now. It’s a simple decision and it is strengthened with the way you speak.


I will be wealthy becomes I am wealthy.

I will be healthy becomes I am healthy.

I will build a business becomes I build a business.


Speak in the present because this is your new identity.


This is your current reality simply because you decided it is.



I am successful when I am being and resonating in alignment with my creations.


My students are successful when they are being and resonating in alignment with their creations.


My clients are successful when they are being and resonating in alignment with their creations.


And you can create your own success through this being and resonance too!


What is currently resonating in your life?


Is it what you want to be resonating with? Or maybe the opposite?


Decide what your success is and tap into the Law of Resonance.


Step out of the dreaming “attractor” and into the dreaming “resonator”.


Who you “be” will set your heart, your dreams and life fully free!



Interested in learning more about the Law of Resonance and how to wield it in your own life to create the success you desire? This is a big part of how I support my 1:1 coaching clients in shifting their lives with mindfulness, empowerment and conscious creation. I’m accepting new clients and would love to guide and hold you high on your beautiful journey!


If you’re ready to make a shift in 2021 toward living the life you truly want in your heart of hearts, book a resonance call with me here. And yes, I call it a resonance call very intentionally! You can learn more about my signature coaching, Divine Design and feel if it resonates. You only live once. Follow the pull if you feel it. Book now!


And, if you or a young person in your life would like to learn piano through a mindfulness lens, I have very limited spaces left in my Mindful Music studio. Not only will music and piano be learned and enjoyed, you will gain a mindfulness toolkit for LIFE that will support you in all areas of your life.


Reach out to me here if this  is a yes for you - I do not know how long I will be welcoming new students!



“The universe doesn’t give you want you want, it gives you who you are.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith


It’s not “I want that”, it’s “I am that”.


So hum.


I am that.


I am.


And who I am, resonates.


If you knew that everything in your life was a reflection of the person you are being, how would you wield your identity and innate power?


If you knew you didn't need to worry about attracting and could lean back into just being, with lasting results, would you do it?


Who you are is resonating!


Now, wield it.


In love, resonance and sending you to your greatness,

⭐️  Adrienne


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