Be A Car

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2021

Every day I ride my bike in traffic in one of America’s biggest major cities, Chicago. It’s great fun.


I get to go fast, move my body, feel the wind on my face and bonus - I don’t pay for parking! I love riding my bike anywhere and especially love riding here.


It wasn’t always this way. When I first moved to the city six years ago, I was terrified to ride in the street next to cars. I rode on the sidewalk until I learned it was illegal. Then I took to the streets. Shaking.


When I was first acclimating to traffic and being inches from buses on the move, an important person in my life gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received.


He said, “Just act like a car. It’s only when you act like you’re not supposed to be there that things happen.”


Coming from a lifelong city biker, I immediately implemented his advice, even though my nervous system was not at all on board.


How true it was and is. I went through lights like a car, I changed lanes like a car and I stopped hesitating at stop signs, just like a car would do.


Much to my delight it was smooth, free and dare I say, fun. Cars were no longer honking at me or confused by my movement. I was no longer confused by myself!


It was effortless flow. Me, a farm kid, having fun on her bike amidst a sea of cars. It was magic.


Once I acted like I belonged there, I did.


These days as I zoom through traffic, I can’t help but think about how true this is in everything.


Be a car not just in traffic, in life.



Being in flow with your life, your manifestations, goals and the world around you is the exact same as being in crazy traffic.


The times things go awry is when you hesitate, freak out or act like you’re not supposed to be there.


The times when you’re focusing on the people yelling on the corner is when you miss the green light and the rainbow shining at you straight ahead.

The times when things get weird are when you aren’t being a car.


Sure, I’ve smacked the pavement a time or two being cut off or almost doored, but that’s just part of it!


What am I going to do, stop riding my bike?


Same in my life, that’s part of it! What am I going to do, stop living and stop going for it when I smack the pavement every once in a while?


No, I’m going to keep going because this fresh air feels amazing and freedom of the flow rocks.


Today, I have a short and sweet message for you - just act like a car.


Be a car.


Act like you’re supposed to be there, act like it’s already yours  - even if you’re scared shitless and not totally convinced.


It’s only when we hesitate that the universe and people in the traffic of life get confused and we cause an accident.


Enter the flow.


Be a car.


You will believe it when you be it.


Be a car.


You’re supposed to be here.


Be a car.


Ride in the flow of life, today.


Be a car.


Ride in the flow and lean back, no handlebars!



Through my work as a conscious creation coach, yoga teacher and leader in education I support people in accessing their version of “be a car”. Through coaching, I remind people of their power and give them tools to access it so they can design and live their dreams.


If you’re interested in reaching your potential and goals through a mindful, loving and creative lens, this is how I support my clients with my signature framework, “Divine Design”. These are high touch 1:1 mentorship containers for people who are ready to level up! Sound like you?


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What does “be a car” mean to you in your life?


Is there something you’re chasing in life that you could just become?


What would it be like to drop the fight or flight and enter flow?



Be a car.


You will believe it when you be it.


You’re supposed to be here.


Be a car.



In love, metaphors and smiling in the wind,

⭐️ Adrienne


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