Be your own hero: How to inspire yourself

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2021

Oh, inspiration. The perceived fleeting visitor, the meta magician, the golden ticket to every artist’s next big move. Inspiration can show up as an idea, a feeling, an urge or spark to do something. Many times inspiration stokes something creative or something that really matters to someone. I know it does for me.


Much of the time people wait around for inspiration to strike. As I’ve lived during the pandemic, I’ve noticed loads of people waiting around. People wait for inspiration to knock on their door, for opportunity to show up out of the blue, or for a magical moment to appear.


Much of the time, it doesn’t knock, doesn’t show up or doesn’t appear. People feel disappointed. I’ve witnessed people feel disappointed in themselves and look around our current world and fall into a pit of darkness without hope.


My invitation is not to ignore the darkness, it’s to view is at fertile ground. Even in our darkest days, as Viktor Frankl said, “The last of our human freedoms is to choose our own attitude in any set of circumstances.” I find this to be true in every moment, every day, week and year - pandemic, insurrection or not.


The truth is none of us need to wait around for a hit of inspiration that likely won’t come. Not only does this method not work, it takes us out of our power and at the mercy of complacency and whatever is occurring around us. While motivation and inspiration may be a hiccup, especially in quarantine, today I’ll be sharing how to be your own hero in any moment and inspire yourself.


People constantly ask me how I stay so consistent, how I stay so positive or how I have stayed so inspired during this time. My answer contains a lot of things, however the biggest part is that my relationship with inspiration is based in the value that inspiration is something I create.


Similar to the kind of energy I put out into the universe, I am responsible for my level of inspiration. I don’t view it as a visitor that may or may not show up. I don’t view it as something that’s outside my control. I have the power within.


Inspiration is something I summon from within myself each day. Each day I generate my energy and each day I generate my level of inspiration. I do this through a series of habits, values and ways of being. - so can you.


Here are nine ways of creating inspiration and paths to leading yourself in your life:


1) Operate on the premise that inspiration and inspired living is a choice and creation.

Like many things in my life, I view inspiration as a choice. It’s something I create, it’s something I summon, it’s a muse that I call upon that lives inside me and the world around me.

If I don’t believe that I can create inspiration, then I’ve already lost the game before I’ve even begun. Know that you are a powerful creator and that inspiration is available to you whenever you’d like, so long as you take steps to call it forth.


2) Make joy and pleasure a priority

I think humans, Americans especially, are malnourished in terms of joy and pleasure. There is a belief that we need to earn joy, we need to earn pleasure, we need to burn ourselves out before we’re allowed a fun day or even hour.

I beg to differ. I believe we all are worthy of joy and pleasure in our daily lives simply because we are alive.. Especially in the pandemic, it’s been a creative time for pleasure. Maybe you have discovered new things that bring you joy rather than what you did before the pandemic. When I make joy and pleasure a priority and right in my daily life, I’m brighter, I’m happier, I smile bigger and I’m more me. All of these qualities add to my ability to tap into inspiration.

When I’m enjoying life, inspiration is easy.


3) Seek beauty in the present moment

I can’t tell you how many times I have been inspired just walking down the street. The beautiful sun, the smile of a child, a perfectly poured latte to go, a dog bouncing up to me with a big wag at the park - all of these things inspire me. I see the beauty of the world in simple moments and connections. This fuels my desire to pour beauty of my own into this world.

Witnessing beauty in the present moment requires actually being present. I invite you to get your head out of your phone, look up, look around, engage with the world around you - you may be surprised how much is available to you through that one move alone.

4) Know why it matters to you

Why do you even care about being inspired or motivated? What would it do for your life? What goal, outcome or feeling would it create? Who would you be with inspiration? What would that person be able to do? Does a vision come to mind?

When you have clarity on why inspiration matters to you, you are more likely to follow through on creating it. My why for inspiration is that I love inspired living, I love joy, it’s fun! My inspiration for everything through my business is to inspire others into their highest self. Honestly, my inspiration for everything in my life is to love myself, to love others and to help other people love themselves as they achieve their dreams.

Staying tapped into my why allows me to call upon inspiration and gives it necessity in my daily life.


5) Surround yourself with people who inspire you and inspire themselves

Jim Rohn famously said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I take this to heart.

When I was deep into my drinking phase, I spent all of my time with people who drank in excess the way I did. When I left that world, I spent time with sober people. When I have chocolate in the house, I eat it. When I don’t have chocolate in the house, I don’t. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our environment - the people, ideas, and energy - we are surrounded with greatly influences our actions, mind and in my opinion, hearts.

Look at your life. Who do you spend the most time with? Do they inspire you? Why or why not? If they do, yay! If not, no sweat. Be willing to expand and you can create a community that will inspire you. Who do you see in your circle, or a friends circle that inspires you? Maybe it’s a community you’re a part of that inspires you. Not only will you connect on a soul level with these fellow inspirers, they will lift you up. As you begin doing what you care about and generate inspiration yourself, you will inspire them too.


6) Reflect on what inspires you and then do it all the time

What inspires you? What lights you up? What makes you excited about life? Grab your journal. Clarity is key.

Is it music, art, books, nature? Is it an awesome yoga class? Is it a sunrise? Your students? Your kids? For me, books inspire me so I read a lot. Nature inspires me, so I go on long walks every single morning. Music pumps me up!! I always play my horn and crank my favorite tunes before I sit down at my computer to create. Movement inspires me so I move each and every day.

Know thyself.

What inspires you? Then, do it all the time. Do the things that light you up consistently and you won’t be able to help being inspired!


7) Choose empowered thoughts and beliefs

Choosing true and loving thoughts and beliefs can change your whole life, not just your inspiration. If you are thinking, “The pandemic sucks”, “I have no ideas”, “I can’t do it”, or “I don’t feel like it” you will follow through on all of those things. You may create exactly what you do not want. Your thoughts create your reality. Whatever you believe, you’re right.

Flip those beliefs and thoughts to “I am figuring it out”, “Ideas are always inside me”, “I follow through on what I say I’ll do”, or “I am a creator” and you’ll make those true as well! This is where having a great coach or teacher comes in handy. Lots of times noticing our own limiting thoughts and beliefs can be difficult to detect on our own - I even have amazing humans on my team supporting me with this!

Choose empowered thoughts and beliefs and choose an empowered reality where inspiration lives. Getting coaching and support with this can be a celebratory act of self love and inspiration in itself!


8) Take action and gain momentum

Perhaps the most effective and powerful ways to inspire yourself is to take consistent action, gain momentum and see results that you have created.
The more momentum you gain, the more results you create, the more you will be inspired by yourself! It sounds simple. It is simple and it’s profound.

If I work out every day, start to get stronger, feel better and it becomes a habit - I will naturally inspire myself to continue working out because I’ve inspired myself through my own momentum. It’s awesome! Same with music. If I practice every day I start to sound better, then I get even better, I start to crave practicing because I crave the result, BOOM I’m inspired!

Even if you don’t feel inspired or motivated, just start. Your emotional state really has nothing to do with starting unless you let it. Starting will build momentum, then your results will come, and eventually you will become your own inspiration.

Just start. Then keep going.


9) Be a lifelong learner

One of my greatest sources of inspiration is my love of learning. I get obsessed about topics. Right now, I’m obsessed about yoga and coaching. I’m obsessed about bringing mindfulness to enrich and empower people's lives. I’m obsessed about my ice showers and zeroing in on leveling up my habits. I truly allow myself to obsess.

I don’t think obsession is a bad thing - it’s where excellence is born. I’m constantly inspired by diving into topics and learning about them. I love hearing other people’s stories, experiences, how they did things and really seeing people perform at a high level. This all inspires me.

Start learning about something that catches your eye, who knows you may catch the inspiration bug! And if not, just pivot. Eventually you will find a topic that resonates with you and taps into your motivation and inspiration.


So there you have it, nine paths to create and access inspiration on demand. 


While inspiration may seem like an untamed guest, you’ve got the power!


What would it be like if you knew that you could summon your inspiration each day?


If you knew that joy, presence, and your crew supported your inspiration, what would your days look like?


What beliefs, what actions, and what would you dive into to choose and create inspiration in your life?


You are powerful, inspired creator!


If you’d like to join a community of powerful womxn entrepreneurs as they create their online businesses, my mindful empowerment mastermind begins in two weeks!! Reach out to me for more details or check out this link. I’ve created two gates of investment for you to walk through to meet you right where you are. Level up the people around you, level up your learning and level up your life - all portals to your inspiration and the results you desire. This for womxn who crave community and expansion in 2021! 


If you’d like to learn piano or have a child that loves music, I’m accepting piano students as we speak! My students have full support from me in all these aspects of creating inspiration through habits, action and ways of being. These are values that extend far beyond music and into their whole life. Reach out through my contact page for more info!


And finally, I am so excited to now be offering Conscious Creation Coaching! Through my coaching I help people design a life they love and live it on purpose. I do this through 1:1 coaching and high-touch mentorship experiences. If designing your dream life and actually making it happen sounds exciting to you, this is what I help people do! Book a free call here to experience it and see if it’s your right next step.


What would it be like to be your own hero?


If you knew you could lead yourself to create inspiration every day, how would you do it?


Which of these nine ways of being resonates with you the most? Will you implement it this week?


Remember, you are a creator. You can summon inspiration and you can view any kind of darkness as a fertile place.


All of your power lies within and you can awaken it whenever you like.


Lead yourself, inspire yourself, throw on your cape and make a difference today!!


(You are the only you.)


In love, leadership and a pool of inspiration,
⭐️ Adrienne 


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