Mindfulness is not self-improvement

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

Mindfulness is quite the buzz word these days.


I see it everywhere to describe something. Something in wellness, in meditation, in yoga, in spirituality, in business, in education, in really all parts of life.


Why? It’s something that works. It’s something that gives people peace, purpose and many times a life they’ve only dreamed of becoming their reality.


Clearly, I’m a fan.


To me, mindfulness is personal. It’s what I decide it is and who I am when I’m tapped in to it. To me, mindfulness is something that helps me wield my mind and my power in a way that I consciously choose.


Mindfulness is something I use to wield my gifts for the highest good. It’s simple. It’s presence. It’s a practice. It’s a way of being. It’s a way of living.


Mindfulness gives portals of noticing, a neutral gaze, space between and love in every which way.


Mindfulness allows me to stay who I really am amidst a world of structures that can pull me apart.


To me, it’s opposite is having my mind rule me and my power in ways that I don’t choose on purpose.


An idea floating around out there is that mindfulness is a self-improvement hack. A fast track to success. A hastening to happiness.


I wholeheartedly disagree.


As someone who’s been obsessed with personal development for years, I’ve come to take issue with the words “self-improvement”.


These words operate on the assumption that something is innately wrong with you. That you are broken and need to be fixed.


I simply don’t believe in this.


I believe every human is born complete, capable, resourceful, creative and whole.


I believe you are amazing just as you are.


Just the fact that you were born on this planet means you are enough. You are unique. Prosperity and fulfillment are your birthright.


As you may have heard me say before, you are the only you.  


Instead, I view mindfulness as self-remembering.


It’s a way of remembering who I am. A process, a toolkit, ways of being, thinking, believing, listening and knowing that brings me back to my true self.


In my remembering, I get to shed things I’ve picked up that are not me and not true.


Many times, remembering becomes a path where I get to know myself better and love myself deeper along the way.


When I work with adults, it’s more remembering who they are after years away. Sometimes even galaxies far far away.


When I work with kids and young people, it’s more helping them stay tapped in to themselves and not needing to lose that like I did and so many adults do.


I imagine my life if I hadn’t gone through everything that made me completely forget who I am.


I imagine what an amazing world we would live in if first adults who have forgotten, like I did, could use mindfulness to remember who they are.


I imagine the next generation. What would it be like if we equipped them with processes and tools of mindfulness to stay tapped in to themselves?


What kind of world do you think we would live in?


To me, this world is absolutely stunning.


It’s full of innovations, solutions, healing, art, and expansive connection like we’ve never seen.


To me, this world is absolutely possible.


No self-improvement necessary.


 Just love.


Just remembering


Just you.


What are you remembering these days? I invite you comment below or message me via my contact page. I would love to connect with you!


And if you’d like to learn more about working with me to remember rather than improve, feel free to book a call with me here.


Remember the day away! ⭐️


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