Mindfulness is not self-improvement

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

Mindfulness is quite the buzz word these days.


I see it everywhere to describe something. Something in wellness, in meditation, in yoga, in spirituality, in business, in education, in really all parts of life.


Why? It’s something that works. It’s something that gives people peace, purpose and many times a life they’ve only dreamed of becoming their reality.


Clearly, I’m a fan.


To me, mindfulness is personal. It’s what I decide it is and who I am when I’m tapped in to it. To me, mindfulness is something that helps me wield my mind and my power in a way that I consciously choose.


Mindfulness is something I use to wield my gifts for the highest good. It’s simple. It’s presence. It’s a practice. It’s a way of being. It’s a way of living.


Mindfulness gives portals of noticing, a neutral gaze, space between and love in every which way.


Mindfulness allows me to stay who I...

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How music broke me and mindfulness put me back together

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2020

I just started the most important work of my life.


Here’s why. 


As a little girl I was free. I loved to sing, I ran around barefoot in tie-dye leggings. I would say I got “the God feeling” whenever I felt the magic of music. I wrote books and swam for hours on end. My wild curls danced as I played through life.


Very simply, I was myself, with abandon. 


For whatever reason, I was dealt a unique deck of cards in my life, like we all are. 


I was born into a highly competitive classically trained musical family. 


I have a family member that has bipolar disorder and is on the autism spectrum. 


I had a near death car accident when I was 16 years old.


I began my classical training and competitions at the piano at age five. It was there where my identity began to shift. Perfectionism seeped into my mind and heart. My output became the measuring stick for my self-worth. I was vicious to...

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