Mindfulness Coaching for Music Teachers


What if you could be yourself, flourish in music and be profoundly happy?


You can.


After my personal experience as a musician, I felt a deep call to pay it forward to the next generation. I vowed to make every student I met feel deeply seen and valued without any agenda to change them. I created a teaching philosophy of mindfulness through music based on a radical principal - simply allowing kids to be who they are. 


I began to notice these same struggles in my colleagues and fellow music teachers. I saw the wounds they carried in their artistic lives present in their teaching and unknowingly being perpetuated in their students. 


I dreamed about what it would be like if I could show music teachers Mindful Music. What if they could not only heal themselves through mindfulness, they could interrupt the cycle from being passed to the next generation? 


So, I started a mindfulness coaching practice for music teachers. 


What happens in coaching? I help musicians cherish themselves in a culture that encourages the opposite. And in doing so, equip them to give this transformation to their students with mindfulness. I use my life experiences to shorten your suffering and remind you of your greatness. I'm here to help you be the you that you were born to be. 


The best way to learn about coaching is to experience it.


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