Hi, I'm Adrienne.

I am a musician and teacher with a purpose that reaches beyond the notes.

How I landed here is a culmination of a lifetime of experiences as a musician and what I see in the world today.

My story and my journey with music are intertwined, one and the same.

Raised by musicians, music has been part of my life since I was born. As a little girl, music was magic. And to me, it still is. I began classical training at the piano at age four and started horn at eleven. My journey with music led me to complete two degrees in horn performance, including my master’s from the Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music. I then moved to Chicago where I got on the orchestral audition circuit and built the life of performance and teaching that I live today. My move to Chicago was a shock to the system. Not only had I entered the “real world” post grad-school, I was not surrounded by musicians for the first time in my life. I began to notice things about the world and my experiences. What realized is that not only had I excelled at the technical skill of playing an instrument, but through this process I had cultivated a skillset and values that impacted every part of my life in a profound way. 

I have been taking private music lessons for 24 years and counting. I view this as a lifelong class. I have had truly phenomenal teachers that have inspired me to expand, rise and achieve my dreams. I also experienced damaging teachers and dogma in the classical music culture, which from a young age fostered harmful beliefs and stamped creativity. All of my experiences have informed who I am and what kind of musician and teacher I want to be. Knowing the power and ripple of teaching and the challenges of our modern world, I committed to a belief system and vision as a teacher that I call Mindful Music.

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Education & Experience

I hold a Bachelor of Music in Horn Performance from Central Michigan University and my Master of Music in Horn Performance from the renowned Indiana University Jacob's School of Music. My primary teachers include Dale Clevenger, Jeff Nelsen, Bruce Bonnell and Josh Phillips. I have over 24 years of experience as a performer and 10 years of experience teaching private lessons, the last three of which have been full time. The musical life I live today includes continued study, teaching mindful music lessons and my freelance career that I have cultivated in my beloved city of Chicago.

Music is empathy in real time.

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