"I have come to think of weekly piano lessons as weekly life coaching.  Thanks to Adrienne my children have learned and used tools that will help them through their lives, tools that help them with self-sufficiency and resilience.  They are so proud when they can learn new and challenging things on their own. Adrienne’s holistic approach has provided our daughters skills and confidence that will far outlive their lessons!"

-Amy, Chicago, IL 

"Adrienne has helped my son and I grow as musicians and as people.  We learned scales and pieces that we enjoy, but we also learned how to persevere when faced with difficult pieces or emotions, how to break things down into manageable chunks so that we could feel incremental success, how to accept frustration and use it to fuel progress, and how to set a positive and open mindset with progress, not perfection, as our goal.  As a teacher myself, I am so thankful my son has had another adult in his life who models positivity, perseverance, and self-awareness.  Adrienne has been a blessing to our family and our future because of the lessons we've learned and practiced with her!"

-Lindsey, Chicago, IL

Lessons: Piano & Horn

To Your Door

I meet my students where they are as people, and yes, I physically come to you! In-home lessons bring convenience and ease to my families amidst their busy schedules.

COVID-19 Update - all in-home lessons have transitioned to Virtual until further notice. Upon reopening, students will have the option of continuing virtually or when safe, continuing their in-home, in-person lessons! (With a big hug waiting for them from me)

Music Selections

My students can choose their songs! I believe that almost any skill can be taught on any song or piece. Students stay engaged when they learn something they enjoy and like to practice. They tell me what they’d like and I arrange it for their specific level. The world is their oyster - Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, the Beatles - it’s all fair game and lots of fun!

Holistic Skills & Values

Independent Thinking
Choosing and maintaining a mindset
Problem Solving
Skill Building/Practice
Goal setting/follow through
Hard work

Lesson Content

Note reading
Song writing
Singing and playing
Educational/Exposure Repertoire
Choice repertoire
Music Theory

Who I Teach

I enjoy teaching lessons to people of all ages. The vast majority of my students' ages generally range from 5 to 17 years old. Piano students usually fall between 5 -15 years old and horn students range from 12-17 years old. I recommend starting on piano to create a solid musical foundation from which you can add other instruments more easily. I'm especially passionate about starting elementary kid's on piano and equipping them with the Mindful Music pillars they can take anywhere they go.

Lesson Packages/Investment

Lessons are purchased in packs of 12 - price varies based on lesson duration. Click the button below and let’s chat about what’s right for you and your family!

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