Mindful Music: Expansion and Connection

Our lives have changed so much as of late. While this is certainly a challenge - it is also an opportunity to step into our potential, stay connected, maintain our Mindful Music pillars and keep going while we are separate, not alone. The pillars of autonomy, awareness and expression are more important now than ever.

These courses exist not for us to survive, but to THRIVE!


Teacher Resilience Resets: The Starter Collection


Teacher Resilience Resets: Course, Collection and Coaching



Joy Jam Sesh: A masterclass in the art and practice of JOY. For teachers, parents and guides.


Zoom Private Lessons

Piano, Horn and Heal

The best way to learn about Mindful Music lessons is check out my Mindful Music Philosophy, Lessons and most importantly, talk with me!

Knowing your story helps me help you.

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